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New HyperCore Software! 7.2

This software is now available.  Contact ScaleCare Support to schedule your update if you do not see the software available in the HC3 web interface.

This is a rolling upgrade, meaning it is non-disruptive to running VMs.  HyperCore versions 7.1.11 and above have a direct upgrade path to version 7.2.16.  See the 7.2 Release Notes available in the Customer and Partner Portals for additional upgrade paths.  

New features include:
  • Windows 10/2016 Support
    • Allows for users to install and operate Windows 10 and Server 2016 on the HC3 system
  • Virtual Disk Expansion on Clone
    • When cloning a VM users will have the option to expand the size of the virtual disks and apply the expanded disk capacity to the cloned VM
  • Updated Scale Tools
    • Included is an updated Scale Tools ISO file
      • Scale-virtio-win-0.1.126.sc00.iso
        • New virtIO (performance) storage and network drivers with an easy-to-use Windows installer wizard
        • Newly included is a lightweight agent for application consistent VM-level snapshots
  • New Bulk Actions
    • Added the ability to manually Snapshot, Clone, and Delete for a group of VMs
      • You can select VMs by choosing the VM’s name or applied tags
  • Other Enhancements/Bug Fixes
    • High memory utilization no longer causes VM live migrations to take exceedingly long
    • Max console resolution for Windows 2012/R2 and above is no longer maxed at 1024x768
    • When using more than 90% of the storage capacity the system will automatically prevent new clones, snapshots, and VMs
      • A warning will be issued via email and displayed in the UI
    • Fixed an issue where clocksource failure could cause invalid virtual disk (VSD) lease expiration
    • The background disk scrubber now remedies latent errors that previously could cause issues
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